Remote learning

I like remote learning.I dont have to go to school. I stay home.  I have lunch in my house.


I don’t want to go to school.I dont like to seat in the nasty desk.  I dont like to have a lot of noise. I dont like the cold.


I like to stay home.  I like to watch tv in lunch.




I think we should name a school after Cesar of the reason is because he helped a lot of people.Second is because he  work for fair rights to people.He march 340 miles to protest the unfair conduction.

How the world will end

I think the world will end by god taking us.I think this because in the bible it said that he will take us.I will like that god do that because it seas is going to be like were wealthy people. god will give us mansions and a lot of more things.I will have a good hose with a poll.

2020 reach goals

In 2020,I will change three things.I wish to mini trampoline play baseball. I will buy a PC.


First,I’ll get a PC.I am tell my mom that i’m buying it with my money. I will play with my best friends.I’m studding my classes.

Second, I am Playing baseball.I wan’t to hit a home run.I will have fun.I am playing in porter ridge.

Last,I will have a mini trampoline.I,m Going to play with my friends. Do flips.I will jump


This all i will do this year.I am going to get a pc,I,m playing baseball,I will get a mini trampoline and do flips.


What I am thankful

I am thankful for my family

it is so caring

i see happiness

I love that they are crazy

I am thankful for My family


I feel Exited

I wonder that I will become famous

I try to be Fun

I can be gentleman

I am thankful for My life


I know that life is not easy

I understand that Good things are going to happen

I’m fortunate because my friends are always with me

I dream that i can b a gamer

I’m thankful for for my life

With gratitude from Caleb.


Don’t have guns. I  wish no bulling  No hunger.

I wold like for no guns.1. I wan’t no guns for no killing.2. I wan’t no guns for bad people.3. I wan’t no guns so they have to be banned.

I wish for no bulling.1. Some people will commit suicide.2. Bulling is not necessary.3. Bulling make people sad.

I hope for no hunger.1.Hungry people fight.2. Hunger wold not have peace.3. Hunger people don’t have heals.


I went to a nature walk with my class.My class got cut by thorns. There was a creek.The trees were ugly.

I did not get cut by thorns because i had long pants My class had shorts so the thorns cut them.  They  were screaming ouch.  The thorns were spiky.

I saw a dirty creek.  The creek was long.  The creek looked muddy.  The splashes were white.

There was trees every were.  The trees were tall.  Some of theme were wet.  They were leaning.

So i will go to a nature walk again.  I wold like to see creeks,trees but not thorns.  I recommend that you go on a nature walk.