What I am thankful

I am thankful for my family

it is so caring

i see happiness

I love that they are crazy

I am thankful for My family


I feel Exited

I wonder that I will become famous

I try to be Fun

I can be gentleman

I am thankful for My life


I know that life is not easy

I understand that Good things are going to happen

I’m fortunate because my friends are always with me

I dream that i can b a gamer

I’m thankful for for my life

With gratitude from Caleb.


Don’t have guns. I  wish no bulling  No hunger.

I wold like for no guns.1. I wan’t no guns for no killing.2. I wan’t no guns for bad people.3. I wan’t no guns so they have to be banned.

I wish for no bulling.1. Some people will commit suicide.2. Bulling is not necessary.3. Bulling make people sad.

I hope for no hunger.1.Hungry people fight.2. Hunger wold not have peace.3. Hunger people don’t have heals.